Monat Review Premium Cosmetics or Overpriced Garbage? I need a bit of dry shampoo in the front where I touch my hair the most but otherwise, I was still looking fresh! When I was taking this series I worked out during lunch on day 3 so I needed a shower afterwork. I showered in the morning before work and took this before going to bed. I touch my hair a lot during the day, it’s up and down all day long so I was stoked to see it still looking super clean before going to bed.

So I did my Dry Bar Clarifying wash, waited a day then tried out Monat. Y’all I was ecstatic my hair was back to normal!!!

Even though you only need a little bit of product for this process, it’s astonishing how much stronger your hair begins to feel in the long run.

Another positive that I’ve noticed from this new shampoo routine is that I can even go longer without washing my hair! I used to wash my hair every day because it got greasy so fast, now I can go up to 5 days without even thinking about touching shampoo. Everyone always ask me what I use on my hair and I have never had nice hair! Will definitely be using these products for life.

To sum this article up

Because Monat is committed to producing quality products that work, they offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Keep in mind that when you use Monat’s products, your scalp will become very healthy. I highly recommend using the product for at least three months to truly see results. I had seen this shampoo everywhere and after reading great reviews, I pulled the trigger on what I thought would be my cure. I pick these ingredients apart and back up that information with reliable, scientific data. If there is not well established data for an ingredient’s toxicity level, I will not even discuss that ingredient.

My reviews are backed by legitimate information. This is transparency – because you need to know what you’re applying to your skin (and therefore absorbing into your bloodstream).

Is Aussie Good for Your Hair? An Ingredient Analysis

The ideal consumer for monat reviews doesn’t have sensitivities or allergies to monat retinol reviews ingredients.

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