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Turn multiple photos into a single handmade painting

Sometimes, when you or any of your friends are busy and miss being a part of a photo, Then don’t worry, We are here to compile all those missing things into one handmade painting. 

Merging multiple photos into one, adding/removing objects, background correction, and other photo editing options are available FREE OF COST.

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PRICING without frame

Avail Free Shipping Worldwide and Pay only 30% in advance & rest after painting completion. Use coupon code DIS10 during checkout and get Flat 10% Off

Pricing for pencil handmade sketch or portrait or painting
Pricing for charcoal handmade portraits or painting
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Frequently Asked Questions

Any extra modification or changes required for

  • Correcting your bad/blurred/old photos, adding or removing any object, etc.
  • Merging multiple photos into one painting is FREE OF COST.

* FREE SHIPPING orders take 22-24 days (painted in 13-15 days and are delivered in the next 9 days).

* EXPRESS SHIPPING orders take 15-17 days (painted in 10-12 days and are delivered in the next 5 days).

If you want us to deliver on a specific date or earlier than 17 days, feel free to reach out to us via 24×7 Live Chat or drop us an e-mail at support@sketchingpro.com.

You can customize your painting with frame and gift wrap on order page or you can add it later.

If you want a custom size for your painting then you can simply reach out to us via 24X7 Live Chat or Email at support@sketchingpro.com

We have pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil and water colors available as painting medium.

All mediums are equally great but our customers’ favorites are charcoal and acrylic portraits.

In photoshop preview our designer shares the edited/corrected photo with you and forward the same to our artist only after your approval.

Note: Photoshop is a photo editing tool that can be used for (1) correcting blurred/old picture. (2) Merging multiple photos into one. (3) Adding/removing any object/background in the photo.

In painting preview our Artist shares  finished painting with you and proceed for shipping only after your approval.

And don’t worry! You can get all your money refunded anytime if you do not get the satisfactory result.

PAY ONLY 30% of the total amount to start your painting, and the balance is payable after the completion of the painting 🙂

Choose Painting Medium and proceed

Any further queries..? Lets talk

You can contact us anytime via 24X7 Live Chat option or you can drop your message at support@sketchingpro.com. We would love here from you 🙂